Jobs Won't Fill French Keynote Slot

By David Utter

At France's Apple Expo later in September, atte ndees will not see Apple's CEO deliver a keynote address.

Steve Jobs turning down a chance to talk? A couple of Mac-centric web sites say this is the case. Though previously announced as the keynote speaker for the event beginning on September 20 in France, Mr. Jobs has withdrawn from that task.

Last year when he also skipped the keynote, health issues were a serious consideration. The co-founder of the personal computer market had undergone pancreatic cancer surgery in August 2004.

This year, the change was made with no explanation given. The Apple Expo web site has removed the keynote from the listed proceedings. "I can confirm Steve Jobs will not be addressing show attendees," said Apple Expo communications director Marie Laranjeira in The Mac Observer. "There will not be a keynote address by anyone."

Mr. Jobs and other Apple execs will be in attendance, and will talk with the media while in Paris. Last year, Apple introduced their redesigned G5 computer at the Paris show. One poster on The Mac Observer's site thinks the upcoming Apple product announcement on September 7 "is going to be BIG" in order for Mr. Jobs to cancel the keynote.

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