John Conley

Photographe, auteur

 Vit et travaille à Paris




































Formats: 30x30 cm / 60x60 cm / 80x80 cm

Prises de vues mixtes: argentique / numerique selon les oeuvres. 

Tirage Digigraphie Epson, Fine Art PhotoBrillant spectrajet Tetenal extra blanc, 272g. 

Encres pigmentaires. Limited edition  1/13

Grand format, prix sur demande / Contrecollage sur alu, supplément sur demande


John Conley was born in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. He lives and works in Paris, France. Since completing photo studies at Spéos Paris Photographic Institute, he has worked primarily in fashion, both as a photographer and as co-founder of online fashion magazine His images sublimates diverse experience and interest in beauty, literature or environmental issues into a universe on the edge of fantasy, where empty spaces vibrate with unseen life and eternal beauty is within reach. His subjects have included Moroccan top model Hind Sahli (@DNA), who he was one of the first to photograph, and rising French star Anne-Solenne Hatte (, with whom he has collaborated on several projects. 


In addition to fashion photography, John’s traveled extensively and has a particular interest in extreme and isolated environments, an interest he pursues both independently and in collaboration with several NASA scientific expeditions doing research in some of the driest places on Earth.  

He collaborated closely with legendary photographer Peter Lindb ergh for several years, in 2006 directing a 13 minutes promotional film shown at Azzedine Alaia’s for the premiere of Lindbergh’s book Untitled 116, and in 2008 becoming Producer of Lindbergh’s feature length fiction work «Everywhere at Once», a collaboration with experimental director Holly Fisher featuring iconic French actress Jeanne Moreau (expected release - 2011).  

His exhibitions include «The Space Between (1)», a reflection on the tension between people and their environments, and «All That You Left Behind», examining our lasting presence in places long abandoned. «Real Women» records unguarded moments of beauty, and «Eye of the Hurricane» is an intimate and ongoing portrait of his mother’s remarkable triumph over 

breast cancer. 

In addition to photography he has worked in several a rtistic mediums including music composition, cinema and video, interactive animation and multimedia production. 


Creation requires freedom and space.

Reconciling these two contradictory imperatives is one of the great and fun challenges of fashion photography. How can you break free of limitations without coloring outside the lines ?

The answer is in the images. A successful image is, to me, a poem. It evokes without explaining, illustrates without revealing. It tells a story with neither beginning nor ending, a frozen moment forever lost and forever retained. Whatever the image may contain, it must reveal something greater.


So ... I take pictures of Bugs, Landscapes, and People. I work in fashion photography. Some specifics about what I’ve done and who I’ve worked with can be found on this page, and please feel free to get in touch should you like to know more.»


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